May 5, 2013

Hey guys! Long time no see… Well let me make it up to you! Today I was bored and so I just started on a random owl. No pattern, just tried some stuff out, and Im pretty pleased with the result. Nothing major, bet you could figure it out yourself, but anyways, here’s a tutorial :)

One episode owl (since it takes about 30mins to make, aka one episode)

1-3. First you single crochet 4 and make a circle. 
Crochet 3 (this makes a treble) and make 9 trebles in the ring. Join with slip stitch. 
4. Switch color if you like. Chain 4 (makes a double treble) and then you make 2 double trebles in one chain and 1 double treble in the next, repeat this till you only have 3 spcaes left.
5. in the last three spaces you make continue the pattern but now in trebles, not double treble. this makes an oval like shape. Join with slip stitch.
6. Chain 3, and then make a round with 2 trebles in each space. Join with slip stitch. 
7. Turn your work. 
8. Slip stich in 4 spaces. Turn. 
9. Make a double crochet, then half treble in the next space, then a treble in the next. Chain 3 and slip stich in the treble. Make 2 double trebles in the next two spaces. Make a treble in the next space, chain 3 and slip stich into the treble. Make a half treble in the next space and a double crochet in the next. 
10. Make 2 double crochet in the next two spaces, then a half treble in the next, a treble in the next, 2 double treble in the next two spaces, a treble in the next, a half treble in the next, 2 double crochet in the next two spaces, chain 5 and slip stitch in the same space, slip stich in the next 3 spaces, and reapeat the whole sequence just opposite. And end with a slip stitch to join. Cut thread and fasten. 
11-12. The eyes. Chain one, then make 7 trebles in that one chain. Slip stich to join. Save a tail of yarn that you will use to sow them on. Make another. 
13. Sow the eyes on. Sow with the yarntail around the eyes and fasten. Fasten all the threads on the backside. Use a black thread to make the black in the eye and orange to make a beak. 
Fasten all the threads. Go in at the top of the head in the middle, and chain the amount of single crochets you want to form a loop and fasten it with a slip stitch. 


Sorry I am so bad at explaining… I am norwegian, and its hard enough in my own language!! :p but I hope you understand, if not my ask is open :)

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